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Established in 2007, the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE)is a research unit situated within the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences.

PERE conducts research and facilitates discussions on issues of environmental justice, regional inclusion, and social movement building. PERE’s work is rooted in the new three R’s: rigor, relevance, and reach. We conduct high-quality research in our focus areas that is relevant to public policy concerns and that reaches to those directly affected communities that most need to be engaged in the discussion.

Project Support

  • Heddy Nam
  • Sheila Nem
  • Stephanie Canizales
  • Erika Petroy
  • Sandy Lo
  • Victor Sanchez
  • Pamela Stephens
  • Lauren Portillo

Web Development and Design

The Everett Program is a undergraduate student-led technology and social justice center at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Everett uses the technical, educational, and research resources of the University to work directly with communities, empowering people to apply social and business entrepreneurship to develop practical solutions to persistent problems. Many organizations promote social change through social critique. Everett's aim is to pursue social change through proactive solutions that make an immediate and enduring impact.

This website is meant to use modern, accessible technologies and use them in the movement for progressive change. The synergy between social research, story telling, and information technology is crucial to this movement and the Everett Program specializes in this space. For this reason Everett was tapped to create

Web Design

  • Thomas Gelder, Everett Program

Web Development

  • Thomas Gelder, Everett Program

Story Map Development

  • Thomas Gelder, Everett Program

Strategic Advisors



  • Chris Askin, Community Foundation of Western Nevada
  • Nancy Brune, Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities
  • A.G. Burnett, Gaming Control Board
  • Yvanna Cancela, UNITE HERE Culinary Workers Union Local 226
  • Victoria Coolbaugh, Nevada Justice Association
  • David Damore, University of Nevada
  • Patricia Fling, Acting in Community Together in Organizing Northern Nevada (ACTIONN)
  • Former Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, Nevada Legislature
  • Bob Fulkerson, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)
  • Robert Hoo, Nevadans for the Common Good
  • Abby Johnson, Great Basin Water Network
  • Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress
  • Senator Tick Segerblom, Nevada Legislature
  • Brian Shepherd, SEIU Local 1107
  • Astrid Silva, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)
  • Tod Story, American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada
  • Yvette Williams, Clark County Black Caucus
  • North Carolina

  • Anita Brown-Graham, Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI)
  • Erin Dale Byrd, Blueprint NC
  • Chris Fitzsimons, NC Policy Watch
  • Owen Furuseth, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Eric Henry, TS Designs
  • Jason Gray, North Carolina Rural Center
  • Chris Kromm, The Institute for Southern Studies
  • Pat McCoy, ActionNC
  • Graig R. Meyer, North Carolina General Assembly
  • Carol Morris, Foundation for the Carolinas
  • Ben Nunnally, Latin American Coalition
  • Jay Rieff, Committee on States Alliance
  • Chilton Rogers, North Carolina Rural Center
  • Barry Ryan, North Carolina Rural Center
  • Alexandra Sirota, North Carolina Budget and Tax Center
  • Whitney Smith, Latin America Coalition
  • Hector Vaca, ActionNC
  • Bill Wilson, North Carolina Justice Center
  • Patrick Woodie, North Carolina Rural Center
  • Allie Yee, The Institute for Southern Studies
  • Washington



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